Information Booklets

You will see below our current range of information booklets, which outline the problems associated with bladder and bowel problems. They include information on symptoms, causes, treatment options and how to get help.  B&BC is dedicated to providing un-biased information, that is medically correct and which allows you to make an educated and informed choice about your care.

If you are a health professional and wish to order bulk copies of any of these booklets, please use the link box below where you will find details of our charges and how to place your order.

All our booklets are produced in a PDF format which enables easy downloading and reading on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet computer.

Skin Care
Maintaining healthy skin is a challenge for most people but it is even more important for anyone affected by bladder or bowel control problems that result in incontinence.
Only When I Laugh
Many people leak urine when they laugh, cough or sneeze. This problem affects over two million people in the UK; it is extremely common. Doctors often call it “SUI” or stress urinary incontinence. It is also commonly referred to as bladder weakness.
Love Your Gusset
A stress urinary incontinence fact sheet for women and teenagers.
Facing Up To Incontinence
Catheter Care
Catheterisation of the bladder has been performed since time immemorial to drain urine from the bladder when it fails to empty.
BBC: B: 006: Just Cant Wait
BBC: B: 004: Facing Up To Incontinence
BBC: B: 002: Bowel Problems
A detailed booklet with information about the bowel and it's function, common bowel problems, conditions, possible treatments and where to go for advice.
A Healthy Bladder
A healthy bladder is important to all of us – it lets us get on with our lives. There are around 14 million people in the UK with a bladder control problem1 and it can happen to anyone – men and women of any age