Information Sheet Downloads

You will see below our current range of information sheets, which offer information on a range of subjects associated with bladder and bowel problems. They include information on products to help manage your symptoms, surgery options, pelvic floor muscle exercises and prostate information and much more.

Your Prostate And You
Nocturia means waking up at night to pass urine. It is a symptom and not a condition and is very common, particularly in older people.
Mitrofanoff Support Childrens Information Booklet
This is very general information about the Mitrofanoff procedure. This booklet is for you to read with your parents/carer, to make you and your family think about and discuss the operation. It is intended to make you think about what this operation will mean for you and what changes you and your family will have to make in your daily life.
Frequency Volume Chart
A Frequency Volume Chart records the volumes voided as well as the time of each visit to the toilet, both during the day and night.
Diverticular Disease
Diverticular Disease (DD) is the name given to small pouches (sacs) known as diverticula, that protrude outwards from the wall of the large intestine.
Confused Incontinent Person At Home
Looking after a confused relative or friend can be a great strain and responsibility. It can become even more difficult, and indeed unpleasant, if the person loses control of the bladder or bowel and is incontinent.
Bowel Problems
What to do is something goes wrong.
Bowel Advice Sheet Approaching Your GP
Bladder Diary
To help identify your bladder habits and patterns start a bladder diary, recording the number of times you go to the toilet, how long you can wait until you go to the toilet, what you drink and so on.
BBC048: Advice For People In Residential Homes With Cip
BBC047: Your Guide To Surgery For Stress Incontinence
BBC046: Washable And Waterproof Pads
BBC045: Urinary Tract Infections
BBC044: Urodynamics
BBC043: Urinary Diversion
BBC042: Travelling With Confidence
BBC041: The Menopause And The Effects On Bladder And Bowel
BBC040: Surgery Urge Incontinence
BBC039: Suprapubic Catheters
BBC038: Sphincter Repair Operation
BBC037: Sphincter Exercises
BBC036: Skincare Hygiene Bowel
BBC035: Skincare Hygiene Bladder
BBC034: Ptns
BBC033: Prolapse
BBC032: Penile Sheaths
BBC031: Pelvic Floor Women
BBC030: Pelvic Floor Men
BBC029: Pelvic Floor Repair Surgery
BBC028: Pads Pants
BBC027: Overactive Bladder
BBC026: Nocturnal Enuresis
BBC024: Medication For Oab1
BBC023: Intermittent Catheters
BBC022: Indwelling Catheters Accessories
BBC021: Healthy Drinking
BBC020: Hand Held And Body Worn Urinals
BBC018: Fibre Contents Of Food Chart
BBC017: Faecal Incontinence
BBC016: Episiotomy And Tears During Childbirth
BBC015: Drainage Bags
BBC014: Diverticulitis
BBC011: Constipation
BBC009: Clothing And Swim Wear
BBC008: Catheter Valves
BBC007: Bowel Prolapse
BBC006: Bowel Diary
BBC004: Bladder Control After Prostate Op
BBC003: Bedding Chair Protection
BBC002: Bristol Stool Chart Jan 2016
BBC0012: Control Of Wind Smells
After Dribble For Men
After-dribble means the loss of a few drops of urine after the main stream, when the bladder appears to be empty.
After A Baby
Most Women accept that they might get a vaginal tear during childbirth, but having a bladder or bowel problem after giving birth to their baby is rarely in the minds of expectant mothers.