Biofeedback is a conservative treatment indicated for faecal incontinence and constipation, and is a type of bowel retraining exercise.  It is used and supervised by a healthcare professional to help you carry out sphincter muscle exercises correctly.

A small electric probe is placed into your rectum and the sensors in the probe relay information about the movement and pressure of the muscles in your rectum to an attached computer.  The results will be shown on a computer screen.

You will be asked to squeeze your sphincter muscle and the pressure will be measured by sensors in the probe. Viewing the results on the computer screen will help you squeeze in the right way. With practice, you should get to know when to squeeze your sphincter muscle to prevent leaks or if you have constipation, how to correctly relax the muscles when attempting to empty your bowels.  This method of treatment should help improve bowel function and will help you to do your exercises in the right way.

For more information please contact your local continence advisor or physiotherapist who can provide advice and information about where to access this type of treatment.