Please support our Fundraising Champions!

We would like to say a big thank you to all those below who are raising money for us at events this year or undertaking personal challenges. Why not support their cause and make a donation on their Just Giving page by clicking their name.

Past events completed for Bladder & Bowel Foundation

Event: 48hr toilet lock in

Participants: Iain Woolley

Amount raised: £1376

Event: Bupa’s Great North Run

Participants: Chris Doyle

Amount raised: £333

Event: London Triathlon

Participants: Johnathan McCullough

Amount Raised: £175

Event: Coast to Coast Challenge –  19th July- 25th July 2014

Participants: Matt Gough

Amount raised: £955.94

Matt Said: “I felt that the event was a massive success and not only has it helped raise money for the bladder and bowel foundation but has also raised much needed awareness for Interstitial Cystitis. This is just the first of many challenges for me of which I will continue to undertake in order to raise awareness for other lesser known conditions like IC and donations for smaller charities like the bladder and bowel foundation”

Matt is still collecting money so if you’d like to support his amazing 140 mile run please visit his Just Giving page.

Would you like to support us?

Fundraising can be challenging but it is also incredibly rewarding!

There are all sorts of ways you can raise money towards our vital work.  For many people the word fundraising means collections, fetes and car boot sales, but to others, the word fundraising can also refer to daring individuals or groups of keen supporters jumping from light aeroplanes (wearing a parachute of course) or being sponsored to undertake exciting or innovative activities – walking the great wall of China or a trek across the Sahara.

No matter what you raise, your fundraising will help us make a real difference to the lives of people affected by bladder and bowel control problems. However you decide to fundraise and whatever your fundraising target, remember, you are not on your own, we are here to support you every step of the way.

There are other ways that you can support us. To find out more please read our fundraising pack.

Upcoming Events Diary

If you would like to take part in an event to raise money for us, please click on the image to the right to open the Event Diary.

Unfortunately we do not have any reserved spaces for any events. If you are interested in participating in an event to raise money for us, you will need to register your interest individually via the respective website. We may be able to help with entry fees but this will be considered on a case by case basis.

If you do register on an event please don’t forget to let us know, that way we can support you on our website and social media.

Before your event

  • Request your fundraising pack – your pack will contain fundraising tips, sponsor forms and everything you need to carry out your event and finally how to send us what you’ve raised.
  • Plan your fundraising – A well planned event is a successful event. You will find our fundraising planning tips and a list of fundraising materials that we can supply you with in our Fundraising Pack.
  • Create your own online fundraising page- Creating your own fundraising page on the Just Giving website can help you to  ncrease your fundraising potential.  Friends can support you whenever and wherever, by donating securely on your Just Giving page or Facebook, and, if you’re in the UK, by text message.
  • Publicise your event in the media and your local area – Create event posters, invitations and flyers and utilise social media. If you need any help or inspiration with this please let us know.

After your event

  • Don’t forget to send in all your offline sponsorships to us after the event.  All the funds donated to your Just Giving page will be sent directly to us so you don’t need to worry about collecting this money in. Just Giving also reclaim the Gift Aid on all eligible donations and send this extra income to us too.
  • Let us know how it went and how much you raised – We always love to see photos so please email them to us

Fundraising Standards Board

The Bladder and Bowel Foundation (B&BF) is proud to be a member of the Fundraising Standards Board and is committed to the highest standards of fundraising practice whilst championing the principles of honesty, accountability and transparency. Membership of the scheme represents a committment to the highest standards of practice and ensures all fundraising activity is open, legal and fair.

Codes of Fundraising Practice

By becoming a member of the Fundraising Standards Board, charities and fundraising organisations are committing to the Institute of Fundraising’s Codes of Fundraising Practice, which are the standards set for fundraisers in the UK. Each code covers a different fundraising technique.

The Fundraising Promise

Members of the Fundraising Standards Board also commit to abide by its Fundraising Promise. This is based on six key pledges which centre on the core values of respect, honesty, accountability and transparency.

For further information please visit the Fundraising Standards Board website or phone 0845 402 5442.
Alternatively, you can write to:

Fundraising Standards Board
20 Albert Embankment
London SE1 7TJ