Maybe you’ve already done some volunteering in the past, or perhaps it’s one of those things that you’ve always thought you’d like to have a go at but didn’t know where to start.

In the B&BF office we have a team of 1 full time and 4 part time members of staff.  If you do have some spare time and would like to help us, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t need any specific skills, just a willingness to get stuck in and support a team dedicated to making a difference to the lives of those living with a bladder or bowel control problem.

Volunteers are needed to help with the day to day running of the charity and could find themselves sending out information booklets one minute and organising supporter letters the next. All volunteers will be paid any reasonable expenses, help a worthwhile cause and be part of a friendly team, as well as potentially enhancing their CV.

Volunteer Stories

B&BF has been extremely lucky to have the support of one of it’s first long term volunteers. Natasha Bayes, a young lady currently in her final year at Northampton University where she is studying Sports Studies and Health Studies, started working for the charity at the beginning of October 2010. Natasha came into the office in Kettering every Monday and worked a full day providing much needed administration support.  She unfortunately left B&BF in April 2011 to concentrate on her final exams.

Here she gives her account of why she volunteered and how the experience has changed her outlook and perception of what volunteering is really all about.

“I am a university student in my third and final year, studying Sports and Health Studies. Similar to fellow university students, I have been strongly encouraged throughout my studies to carry out volunteer work in order to jazz-up my CV and ‘boost my employability’ on completion of my hard earned degree. Although reluctant and half-hearted, I took on volunteering as it was advocated by my university. But once I began working with the B&BF, my opinion towards volunteering changed dramatically, and I realised my role there was actually really essential.

At times, all establishments experience inevitable staff absences, either through sickness or through entitled holiday leave. However, fellow colleagues have to cope with the extra work as an upshot from that absence, and this is especially noticeable when staff numbers are low to start with. This is where I’m proud to say that I could really make a difference to the foundation as it meant I could help to keep the heavy workload at a minimum. Additionally, when all staff are present, I still play a vital role in completing those all important jobs that have been sitting in the’ to-do’ list that staff have been too busy to tend to due to more important, higher priority tasks.

Most importantly, I am now beginning to appreciate the true importance of foundations such as the B&BF. I have so far been lucky to have very good health, and as a result I have never needed to visit or contact any health organisations for help and advice, which means that their existence to me has never been a major concern. However, I can now place myself into other people’s shoes and appreciate how grateful I would feel to know that I have organisations such as the B&BF to turn to should I ever require help and support. Thus, the importance of such organisations should not be overlooked-and you should never underestimate the value of donating a few hours of your spare time each week, it really does make a massive difference.

Despite my reservations, I am so glad I decided to volunteer, as it has been so beneficial not just for me and my newly polished CV, but for so many others too.”
For further information about volunteering for our charity, please contact us on 01536 533255, or email us.