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Resources > Publications > Factsheets


You will see below our current range of fact sheets, which offer information on a range of subjects associated with bladder and bowel problems. They include information on products to help manage your symptoms, surgery options, pelvic floor muscle exercises and prostate information. 

If you would like online access to these factsheets to read or download, you will need to register as a supporter with us. To do this please use the Become a Registered Supporter link boxes below.

If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of any of these factsheets in the post, please either email us with your request or phone us on 01536 533255.

If you are a health professional and wish to order bulk copies of any of these factsheets, please use the link box below where you will find details of our charges and how to place your order.


Last updated: 14/11/2013

Urinary Diversion 02/12/2014
Indwelling Catheters 01/12/2014
Intermittent Catheters 01/12/2014
Skincare and Hygiene - Bladder 01/12/2014
Skincare and Hygiene - Bowel 01/12/2014
Bowel Prolapse 21/11/2014
Bed and Chair Protection 13/11/2014
Pads and Pants 13/11/2014
Faecal Incontinence 13/11/2014
Catheter Valves 22/08/2014
Drainage Bags 01/08/2014
After a Baby 09/07/2014
PTNS 30/05/2014
The Menopause and the Effects on the Bladder 29/05/2014
Your Guide to Surgery for Stress Urinary Incontinence 01/05/2014
Episiotomy and Tears during Childbirth 01/05/2014
Urodynamics 24/04/2014
Penile Sheaths 28/02/2014
Hand Held and Body Worn Urinals 14/02/2014
Nocturnal Enuresis 14/02/2014
Bladder Control After a Prostate Operation 23/01/2014
Medication for Overactive Bladder 10/01/2014
Pelvic Floor Repair Surgery 21/11/2013
Prolapse 22/10/2013
Urinary Tract Infection 12/09/2013
The Confused Incontinent Person at Home 12/09/2013
After Dribble (for men) 12/09/2013
Constipation 12/09/2013
Surgery For Urge and Urgency Incontinence 11/09/2013
Love Your Gusset! A fact sheet for women and teenagers 25/07/2013
Washable and Waterproof Pads and Pants 18/07/2013
Clothing and Swimwear 18/07/2013
Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women 04/04/2013
Your Prostate and You 04/04/2013
Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men 03/04/2013
Diverticulitis 27/03/2013
Advice for People in Residential Homes 02/01/2013
Sphincter Repair Operation 02/01/2013
Diverticular Disease 28/11/2012
Overactive Bladder 23/11/2012
Sphincter Exercises to Aid Bowel Control 23/11/2012
Control of Wind and Smells 18/10/2012
Suprapubic Catheters - Aug 2012 01/08/2012
Nocturia - Aug 2012 01/08/2012
Travelling with Confidence - Aug 2012 01/08/2012
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