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Getting access to the right kind of information can be invaluable, which is why B&BF provides a range of literature, from general information on symptoms and coping strategies through to more in-depth clinical advice and treatment options.

All our information resources are available to both patients and health professionals.

Vista News

We have recently published a new addition to our resources, a newsletter called ‘Vista’. Vista replaces the B&BF Magazine and is free to everyone. If you would like to read the newsletter, please click on the image to the right to download.

If you would like to subscribe to furture issues of Vista, please email us.


Our range of easy to read booklets look at bladder and bowel problems in more detail and explain the possible causes, symptoms and treatment options available.  More specific information such as medication, products, diet and exercise, and emotional well-being is available on our range of fact sheets.

Toilet Card

Our popular Just Can’t Wait toilet card is a must for those of you who may need access to a toilet quickly when out and about.

Specialist Services

These are often managed in partnership with other interested organisations and provide quite specific types of support.  Current services include our Continence Clinic Database, a website set up to support catheter users and a free self-help booklet for people with bladder problems.

Become a Registered Supporter

As a registered supporter, you will have access to all our online resources and specialist services. If you would like to become a registered supporter please visit our Support Us section for more information.

If you like to find out more about what resources we have online before you register, please use the link boxes below to see what’s on offer.


Our helpline is a free service and is open to everyone; offering medical advice and support.  If you have a specific question why not see if it’s been asked before by visiting our Freqeuntly Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Love Your Gusset!

The Bladder & Bowel Foundation and ERIC have launched a social media campaign, ‘Love your Gusset!’, to empower women and teenage girls to look after their pelvic health, and support around 9 million females in the UK who put up with the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) – commonly known as a ‘weak bladder’.

The campaign aims to raise greater awareness about the prevention and treatment of stress incontinence, which affects 1 in 3 women and is particularly prevalent among women under 55. To find out more please click on the fact sheet image to the right.

You can also view the campaign fact sheet in our Infomation Booklets section.

Continence Product Advisor

The Continence Product Advisor is a new website providing evidence-based guidance on how to select appropriate products for managing incontinence and use them effectively.  It makes product information accessible to everyone and in particular those who use incontinence products as well as healthcare professionals.
To find out how the Continence Product Advisor website can help you, please visit the website