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Media Case Studies

What is a media case study?

A media case study is simply a personal story, one that details a persons' experience of a particular subject. In general terms, the media like to cover stories about real people in real situations, often writing about people who have overcome great adversities or turned their life around for the better.

Writing about diseases and clinical treatments can be a bit heavy going for the general press, so they have to find a way of making the information relate to the reader. A personal story can bring an article to life.

Why are they important?

The subject of bladders and bowels remains one of the last taboos in our modern world. People are still reluctant to talk openly about the subject and as a result suffer in silence, not knowing there is help and support available or that they are one of many who suffer from these problems. Some people restrict their lives and almost live like a recluse, thete is no need for this. If we are ever to change this, we need to raise awareness and one of the easiest ways of reaching a large audience is through the media. Quite simply, if people don't know we are here, then we can't help them.

How you can help us

If you've been affected by bladder or bowel control problems and you've been helped in any way, would you be prepared to share your story publicly through the media?

Getting access to the right help and support is crucial in allowing people to regain their quality of life. Our research indicates that many people still believe that nothing can be done to help them and continue to suffer in silence. We have to change this; there is help and support available and for many there is plenty that can be done to cure, treat or manage their problems.

If we can work together to raise awareness and let people know where to go for help, we can start to make a difference. Millions of people read a newspaper, watch TV and listen to the radio evry single day - it is the most effective way of reaching a large audience. However the media want to write about real people, whose lives have been changed for the better, or inspirational stories of how they coped.

We need to show people what its like to live with bladder and bowel problems and what can be done to help. If you have a story to tell and would like to support us, we can develop your details into a real life case study to support newpaper and magazine articles and even radio and television coverage. Being able to identify with someone and make a connection can be the first step towards hope and eventual recovery - your story could help change someone's life.

Last updated: 13/11/2013

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